Pacific APA 2014 Poster : Hugh of St. Victor on Scientia

Thanks for your interest in my poster at the 2014 Pacific APA Meeting in San Diego, CA.

The poster was on display Thursday April 17 and Friday April 18, 2014 from 11am to 5pm, and I was there for the official poster session, Friday 11am to 2pm.

A PDF of my poster is here:  HughOnScientiaPoster-PacificAPA-2014

The poster is based on  this draft for a paper: HughOnScientia.  In the current version I write much more on Augustine, who I take not as the influence for Hugh but as a reference given his definite views on scientia. As I indicate in my poster, Boethius might turn out to be equally important. So, the paper still needs some work.